Environmental footprint and strategy of a hotel group

  • A hotel group wants to rethink its CSR strategy in order to create more added value through sustainable development.
  • It is crucial to have a deep knowledge of its environmental performance throughout its whole value chain to set up a consistent environmental strategy.

  • Analysis of the environmental footprint throughout the whole value chain: both direct impacts from hotels (laundry, waste, water and energy consumption) and indirect impacts (suppliers, catering, room cleaning, building construction and maintenance).
  • Global overview of environmental issues: beyond carbon, the analysis studies the impact on water, energy resources and water pollution.

  • Identify little-known impacts related to this sector (such as the major role of food products in the group’s water footprint )
  • Prioritize environmental impacts and the most important steps in the value chain
  • Identify the activities the most exposed to these environmental risks and offer guidelines to reduce these impacts
  • Benefit from reliable data in order to target the group’s environmental strategy on relevant issues
  • Involve the suppliers in the environmental responsibility approach