Description du projet

Traceability and supply-chain mapping for a shoe retailer

  • Eram Group is a European leader in clothing and shoes retail. By 2020, the Group committed to a responsible supply-chain especially on 2 topics : Product safety (100% of shoes to meet chemical substance specifications before being dispatched) and Biodiversity (No leather from illegally-raised cattle in the Amazon rainforest).
  • To reach such objectives the mapping of the retailer supply-chain is a key first step. Eram asked Origem to support this traceability & mapping project.
  • Interviews with Purchasing directions of all the Brands to assess purchasing practices and willingness to progress on traceability and CSR management upstream the supply-chain
  • Review & assessment of the supply-chain mapping tool and technologies
  • Traceability data collection methodology: what data/information is needed, when & how to collect, how to ensure data reliability etc. : brainstorming and interviews with leather experts and key suppliers
  • Recommendation of supply-chain mapping tool and data collection and reliability processes
  • Improved visibility of the brands leather supply chain and purchasing practices