Description du projet

Environmental assessment of biosourced plastic packaging

  • This French company works in the field of household packaging. It adopted a strong innovative strategy based on the use of recycled or biosourced materials (either from plant resources and/or biodegradable material). It aims towardsusing 100% renewable materials in the mid- term.
  • Because they were concerned about having enough reliable and factual evidence to support the positive outcome of using biosourced materials, the company carried out a multi-criteria environmental assessment on one of their product range.
  • Information and data collection related to a specific product focusing on the supply chain (sugar cane crop, plastic production) and on its end-of-life.
  • Multi-criteria assessment of the environmental impacts of the product (including depletion of natural resources, water use and pollution, air pollution) from the raw material extraction until the product’s end-of-life.
  • Carbon footprint including the carbon stored by the plant, emissions linked to production, manufacturing, and end-of-life.
  • Comparison of this carbon footprint with the same packaging in oil derivatives and identification of the environmental benefits of the product.
  • Development of a communication strategy on the environmental impacts and benefits.
  • The study enabled the company to support and communicate on the environmental benefits of the biosourced product (GHG emissions, cuts in the use of non-renewable resources).
  • • The multi-criteria assessment is also a broader transparency guarantee (water quality and use, farmed areas etc.) for the product that allows the company to identify areas of improvement together with its suppliers.