Description du projet

Identification of new procurement opportunities for responsible commodities for a world leader in the luxury industry

  • The firm, a major luxury and fashion player, aims towards responsible procurement for its most common commodities, including leather, a complex material from the animal industry which generates many by-products.
  • The firm asked Origem to find responsible leather production initiatives in South America, and to assess their potentials.
  • Definition of « responsible production » according to the firm’s commitments.
  • Identification and selection of local initiatives in responsible production
  • Field investigation in several South American regions amongst the different stakeholders in the cattle breeding / leather sector (breeders, slaughterhouses, tanneries, civil society organizations)
  • Opportunities assessment related to the value chain : risks, benefits, large scale and feasibility potential, partners credibility
  • Proposal and mapping of new responsible value chains.
The firm now knows where, how and who are good potential partners for responsible leather procurement in South America:

  • Several sourcing solutions, all traceable and responsible, assessed both in terms of feasibility and differentiation
  • For each area investigated, deep knowledge of environmental and social risks and opportunities
  • Identification of suppliers and stakeholders with a possibility of synergies in innovation and co-design