Description du projet

Development of a ready-to-wear collection from responsible raw materials

  • A major luxury and fashion player has decided to switch the production of a Ready-To-Wear collection using sustainable fibers. ORIGEM contributed to this shift, made in a few months (around 20 materials modified, 130 000 pieces of the collection concerned).
  • Validation of the certifications targeted for upstream materials (organic cotton, RWS wool, recycled polyester, etc.).
  • Interviews and meetings with fabric suppliers to understand their supply-chain.
  • Suggestions of new players and connection of upstream stakeholders in order to facilitate yarn sourcing (ex: raw cotton or greasy wool)
  • Check of suppliers’ alternative proposals reliability (supply chain or certificates transparency, visit of a sample of production sites)
  • Continuous dialogue with the brand team in order to ensure that final fabrics quality expectations where met (labdip, technical tests, etc.)
  • Various fabrics (trousers/jeans, shirts, knitwear, etc.) were switched with responsible fibers and transparent and controlled supply chains
  • Identification of responsive suppliers to keep moving on these topics and improving on next transformation steps (e.g dyeing wet processing impact)