Confidential client – Direct cotton sourcing

Cotton direct sourcing: implementation of pilot projects

As a major player in luxury fashion, the brand wanted to establish direct relations with upstream stakeholders involved in the cotton supply-chain. Origem has supported this approach from the identification of responsible sourcing opportunities to the operational implementation with suppliers in the brand’s supply-chain.


  • Validation of project typologies to be targeted: country, volumes available, fiber quality, certification expected (organic, regenerative, etc.) and qualification of implementing partners.
  • Qualification of the brand and its suppliers’ needs for a selection of products: suppliers’ sensitization (weavers/knitters, spinners), MOQ at each stage, fiber quality and specifications with spinners.
  • Implementation of fiber/yarns purchasing plans and direct contracts with upstream partners (timing, volumes, prices), monitoring of purchases and tests carried out from fiber to finished fabrics.
  • Implementation of enhanced control procedures to guarantee the integrity of the fiber’s responsible attributes (pesticides, GMOs, remuneration of farmers, etc.) with local third parties and regular field visits.


  • This support enabled direct relationships to be established between the brand and its local partners, guaranteeing responsible volumes/outputs of materials and reciprocal commitments over several years.
  • The project also facilitated the transparency of practices and controls of crucial parameters in terms of traceability and environmental responsibility, both in the field and at the ginning stage.