Pernod Ricard – Supply chains assessment

Assessing the environmental and social performance of the supply-chains associated with two aromatic ingredients

Pernod Ricard aims to control the origin and production conditions of the natural ingredients it uses. Origem was commissioned to assess the risks and opportunities associated with the supply-chains of two key flavour ingredients, with a view to guiding the sourcing practices of the Group’s buyers.


  • Overview and assessment of the production areas for each supply-chains, including a review of the associated CSR risks and benefits (in particular environmental, social, traceability, local economy).
  • Data cross-checking and validation through stakeholders’ interviews: brand buyers, suppliers and external experts.
  • Synthesis and sourcing practices recommendations, for buyers (origins, good agricultural practices, certifications, projects of interest, etc.).


Thanks to a better understanding of its current sourcing areas, potential production regions and the associated environmental and social risks, Pernod Ricard has provided its buyers with recommendations for better sourcing practices.