Climate: Sourcing solutions to decarbonise the fashion industry

The last two articles we relayed to you highlighted the need for companies to commit to their upstream supply chains and raised the thorny issue of the investments required to achieve these commitments.

The report published by Fashion For Good and Apparel Impact Institute provides some insights and solutions to this difficult equation:

  • no less than 1,000 billion dollars will be needed to finance the decarbonisation of the industry
  • this effort will be multi-stakeholder (brands, factories, banks, governments, etc.)
  • half of these investments will have to be in material sourcing solutions
  • the good news is that 47% of the emission reductions will come from existing solutions

An analysis that demonstrates once again (if necessary!) the importance of sourcing issues, innovation but also collaboration between actors for the transformation and sustainability of our current industries.

See the full article here: