Coffee supply-chains, doubly threatened by the pandemic and climate change.

Agricultural commodities have always been subject to climatic hazards.

The increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events accentuates this vulnerability, while for more than a year now, the pandemic has been complicating supply-chains by disrupting supply, demand and logistic.

Today, the price of coffee is soaring following the disastrous weather conditions that hit Brazil (the world’s leading producer) this summer. This is far from an isolated case. For example, French lentils and Quebec wild blueberries have also been affected.

A situation that impacts consumers, but also small producers, who are often affected first, as this article reminds us: “We’re also increasingly seeing farmers going bankrupt because there is just one extreme climate event too many, and some of these extremes are compounding.”

More than ever, it is high time to map, simplify and control our supply chains. This is a long-term task, but one that is beneficial for everyone, from producers to consumers.