Sustainable sourcing – The FAO’s new alert on wild plants

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has provided us with a new illustration of the pressure that is being exerted on our raw materials.

Published on the occasion of the Earth Day, this report alerts us to the worrying conservation situation of thousands of wild plant species, from which a large number of our everyday products (food, cosmetics, medical, etc.) are derived.

Threatened by overexploitation, loss of habitat or climate change, these resources often escape the vigilance of companies due to a lack of traceability and simply a lack of awareness.

This publication provides a comprehensive overview of the production, trade and risks of 12 particularly symbolic plants such as shea, Brazil nut, liquorice and juniper…

And above all, for each of these species, it indicates the main current solutions for responsible sourcing: restoration and conservation initiatives, associative partnerships, existing certifications…

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