Watches and jewellery: where does the industry stands in terms of sustainability?

In 2018, WWF assessed the sustainability performance of the leading luxury watch and jewellery brands.

5 years later, where do they stand? Has the industry made progress?

Some, but not enough, according to the new benchmark published a few days ago by the NGO, which examines the efforts made throughout the supply chain, and in particular the sourcing practices for certain raw materials, such as gold.

The progress made includes the increasing adoption of sustainability strategies, reporting systems and commitments to carbon footprint.

On the other hand, circularity, traceability, transparency and collaboration with suppliers are (unsurprisingly) among the main areas of progress highlighted.

The WWF is therefore launching a (new) call to action aimed at companies, but not only!

Consumers are clearly identified as the real accelerators of the transition through their expectations (of transparency) and their (responsible!) purchasing behaviour.