We are at a turning point in the shift towards sustainable sourcing:

Regulations demand more transparency both in Europe and in the USA (wood, minerals)

Non-financial reporting is becoming wider both in terms of themes (carbon, water, forests) and of scope (throughout the whole value chain). It is also gradually becoming mandatory (France, EU) (France, EU)

«Consumactors» demand always more products displaying proofs of sustainability and social responsibility

Main commodities are aiming towards responsible norms (palm, soya, beef, cocoa)

Companies make ambitious commitments on the short term, and some already fulfill them

Sustainable sourcing issues

Engage your commitments within this momentum and seize the opportunity of new added value provided by the implementation of sustainable sourcing:


Make sustainable

The transparency, the origin and the traceability of commodities are different ways to manage sourcing risks (quality, rupture) to make one’s value chain more secure, mitigate dependency and cut hidden costs.

Tackling social and environmental risks within the value chain protects a company’s image and reputation as well as supports its responsible approach on the long term.

Bring together

Innovate and co-design together with suppliers and stakeholders generates a virtuous dynamic and enhance practices.

Raw materials are a symbol of a product or a brand; they tighten the link between producers, companies and consumers.

Develop excellence

Be a leader, anticipate and make a difference as a «positive impact» company throughout a smart use of natural and human resources.

Spur a brand and company’s value making responsible commitment real.

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