Saint Laurent – Traceability pilot project

Selection and implementation of a traceability tool

In line with the growing importance of traceability issues and requirements, Saint Laurent called on Origem to support them in understanding the traceability solutions available on the market, selecting a suitable tool and deploying it internally.


  • Overview and comparative analysis of the main traceability platforms available on the market.
  • Assessment and critical review of the opportunity to develop an internal tool.
  • Definition of the brand’s expectations and specifications for the selected partner.
  • Testing the tool (navigation, analysis of functionalities, comparison with expectations, critical review of developments).
  • Support for suppliers during the deployment phase.
  • REX of the implementation (relevance of information collected, tool ergonomics, etc.).


Thanks to a better understanding of existing traceability solutions and a clear vision of the brand’s internal requirements, Saint Laurent was able to select a partner and steer the development of a tailor-made traceability module with a view to its large-scale deployment.