Chloé – Direct sourcing of iconic materials

Sustainable transformation of iconic materials sourcing (cotTon, caShmEre, WOOL and SILK)

With a responsible sourcing policy setting up its procurement principles, Origem supported the luxury brand Chloé on the sourcing of its iconic materials, mostly made of natural fibers (cotton, silk, wool, cashmere).


  • Validation of the expected certifications by material (GOTS certified organic cotton and silk, GRS certified recycled cashmere, RWS certified wool).
  • Interviews with a panel of suppliers (denim, jersey, crepe and knitwear) to understand and challenge their offer.
  • Checking suppliers’ reliability regarding their “sustainable” offer: production steps and level of certification, upstream sourcing control, certificates requests.
  • Supporting teams all along the fabric/article development process to make sure quality and style expectations are met.


  • This project allowed the brand to develop a collection made with a selection of responsible raw materials, either by switching iconic raw materials to their sustainable equivalent (from cotton to organic cotton for example), or by offering articles made from new materials (recycled cashmere).
  • It allowed the brand to identify committed and reactive suppliers to work with and further transformation steps to progress on.