Fashion industry’s progress toward sustainable sourcing

Textile Exchange has just released its latest report on the use of “preferred materials” within the fashion industry, aiming at tracking “progress toward more sustainable materials sourcing” among participating companies (apparel, footwear and home textile).

Among the key takeaways specifically related to sourcing, we noted:

  • the overall use of preferred materials keeps increasing among participants, driven by preferred cotton (warning – including Better Cotton Initiative) and recycled polyester;
  • knowledge of materials’ country of origin stagnates, and according to respondents, seems to be particularly challenging for leather and polyamide;
  • when it comes to recycled materials, textile-to-textile is still insignificant, representing, from interviewees responses, only 1,49% of recycled inputs.

Many more sourcing information can be discovered within the document, such as major risks and specific insights associated with each material.