Maisons Du Monde – Training on leather supply chains

Training to leather supply-chains CSR challeges and certifications

Maisons du Monde (MDM) is committed to sustainable sourcing for its strategic raw materials, including leather used for sofas. Origem trained the MDM Sustainable purchase officer and teams to the CSR challenges in leather supply-chains..

Training objective

  • Get the leather technical vocabulary (French and English).
  • Understand the steps and processes related to leather manufacturing (from slaughter to tanning).
  • Be aware of environmental and social challenges at each life cycle steps and industry good practices.
  • Understand chemical hazard and innocuity.
  • Anticipate the organization and challenges of leather supply-chains in an identified sourcing country.
  • Explore sustainable sourcing opportunities in this country.


Thanks to this deeper knowledge, MDM decided to investigate its leather supply-chain asking Origem to identify and map its suppliers (manufacturers and tanners) and conduct a CSR assessment of their practices.